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i am an author from a publishing company and pageturner called me to offer publicity and marketing campaigns. They asked me to send a check and even wire money to the PHilippines only to find out that they are actually a fraud located in the Philippines.

They never fulfilled anything. I paid a total of $10,000 and they don't have a contact number and there office does not exist. They are a total scam! They ruined my book and they never have showed results.

Please beware of this company if you dont want to be scammed!

They are a total rip off. I have all the receipts of the transaction

Product or Service Mentioned: Pageturner Press And Media Publishing Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Hi I am an author of PageTurner, Press and Media. I was contacted by Ken Sommers saying that PageTurner is a scam.

I've been working with PageTurner for a long time now, yet I am very satisfied with their service.

I made my own research about Ken Sommers, that is when I learn that Ken Sommers who's real name is Kevin Paul Librea "Pawee" as his nickname is a scammer from Philippines, who has a pending case from his previous Publishing company Bookventure. Kevin Paul Librea asked money from Emman Abid worth $20,000 an Author from Dubai.To validate this comment you can always contact BookVenture at this number 1 - 877 - 276 - 9751 and ask them to talk to Emman Abid.


Thanks for this information. I spoke to a gentleman for 30 minutes and was not convinced of the authenticity of the company.

He didn't know my timezone, had a unrecognizable accent and promised far too much to be true. The bottom line was he wanted me to spend over $5,000 per month for their services.

He misquoted my book's title and knew almost nothing about its contents. He raised red flags all over the place.


Hold up people! This is conspicuously a malicious blog from another company.

I've experienced first hand how cutthroat this industry can be and a lot of sour publishers defame their competition for an easier shortcut. First, a valid complaint will never conceal the name of the plaintiff less he's hiding his identity to evade recognition. His goal is to get remuneration right? How is there no means to get back to whoever he is to return his alleged claim for refund.

Consumers nowadays are not easily tricked with this cheap black propaganda. Why not identify your name so us consumers can use your customer experience in coming up with well-informed decisions to publish our books?

to Arnold Cole #1420267

Have you worked or published work thru this company they have contacted me I need to know if they are legit?

to Brenda cole #1422025

No I am not an author of theirs yet. But I am working on a narrative and I've been working my butt out researching and making sure I don't experience the same aggravation as the others.

So far, I like everything I've heard and seen about them as far as responsiveness, professionalism and delivery. Some friends happily referred them to me.


Was that Jason Tyler?

to Michael #1477270

This is group of scammers who moved from different publishing companies namely :Jason TylerMichael Harris/Chris MichaelsGwen Dwayne/Kirsten FrostJake Anderson/Jacob GreenLet me share you a story, they were originally from Author Solutions/ Xlibris and BookVenture. Their plan is to get author's information and create a pool of their own authors to scam!!!

They are not americans, they are pretending to be. They are bunch of smart *** filipinos trying to fool people overseas. You know why i know the story? Because I was also a victim.

I trusted specifically Gwen to republished my title and she promised the moon and earth to me but guess what they are just into their personal gain, of course money !!!trust me before you will regret in the end. you can reach me at ken.sommers5180@yahoo.comKen

to Ken Sommers #1588316

Dear Ken Sommer, your writing style and grammar are everywhere. You are not a writer nor an author and had never published a single book. Are you trying to bribe this publishing company and ask them to remove this blog by paying you a big amount of dollars?

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